About Salhia

The company’s original flagship property, Salhia Commercial Complex has long been regarded as Kuwait’s premier shopping destination. It is known locally as home to many elite brands and, due to its continuous modernizations and enhancement program, this reputation is as strong today as it was in 1978 when the complex was opened and with a unique record of 100 percent occupancy over the years.

Located in the heart of Kuwait City’s traditional shopping area owned and managed by Salhia, this property was the first multi-purpose retail and leisure development in the GCC region. Today it incorporates three floors of stores, focusing on high fashion and classic luxury brands, five floors of luxury offices located above the three floors of stores with a total rentable area of 25,500 m² occupied by major commercial corporations and government agencies. Salhia Complex provided 804 parking vehicles which augmented the outstanding development that offers a quality and all-inclusive experience for shoppers, businesses and visitors alike.

Salhia Ground Floor

The ground floor in Salhia Complex has a long and great history as it is the first shopping mall in Kuwait and featuring the finest international brands since its opening in 1978 to the present day, the ground floor has kept its great reputation by including luxury gifts, jewelry and the finest clothing brands.

Salhia Mezzanine

The first mezzanine is an easily accessible floor through the luxurious ground floor and a bridge that connects Salhia Complex to the AlSahab offices tower. It carries many men's and women's brands, providing a quiet and upscale shopping atmosphere for those looking for an elegant shopping experience.

Salhia Mezzanine 2

The second Mezzanine is an ideal choice for families and visitors, offering a new spirit of fashionable designs and carefully selected local restaurants that feature a diversity of dishes. The floor also includes a number of jewelry, clothing, and high-end gift shops.

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